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FHD MADONNA JUY-917 I'm A Newcomer Who Continues To Be Scolded By The Woman Boss Who Is Changing Jobs All The Time Yuka Oshima

Watch Jav Online Feel the fate to senior-Yuka met by chance in the job search, and career to the hotel that her serve in the obsession Akira. He had been once toys handling, are sworn obedience again to Yuka became education engagement .... Also her severely spree thoroughly Moteasobi that it would be somewhere in the work would result many times in bold education. But work is more and more to progress to the inner continue obscene training, go attached to the body and knowledge of first-class hotel Man. But one day, Akira is being called to the general manager ....転職活動中に偶然出会った先輩・優香に運命を感じ、執念で彼女の務めるホテルへ転職した明。かつて玩具扱いされてた彼は、教育係となった優香に再び服従を誓わされて…。勤務中どこであろうと徹底的に弄びまくる彼女の厳しくも大胆な教育に何度も果ててしまう。だが卑猥な研修を続ける内に仕事はどんどん上達し、一流ホテルマンの心得も身に付けていく。だがある日、明は総支配人に呼び出されて…。 by findporn.tv, findporn.tv

Published Time2019-07-21
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